The root of our “stuck-ness”

by Sarah on August 28, 2018

As a health and wellness coach, specializing in resiliency, I work directly with the nervous system. At the root of most places people feel stuck is what’s called sympathetic overload. This is when we are chronically stressed and loop in a fight, flight or freeze response without coming down to a place of calm relaxation.

The nervous system isn’t compartmental. It impacts EVERY area of our health and well-being. When we loop in sympathetic overload, all 5 Dimensions of Human Energy fall out of balance and get stuck.

PHYSICAL: Our body doesn’t function optimally due to stress, inflammation, toxicity and depletion.

EMOTIONAL: We feel emotionally unhealthy because it limits our experience and the full spectrum of emotion. Things clamp down and we feel tight, anxious and overwhelmed.

RELATIONAL: Relational stress puts us on edge. We’re in defense mode and on high alert with those around us, quickly reacting because we feel like we can’t handle any more.

MENTAL: We mentally get stuck in survival processing in our brain and settle, play small and limit risk-taking because it’s hard to access the part of our brain where we create options and make choices.

SPIRITUAL: It becomes hard to connect to our spiritual purpose and soul gifts – it’s challenging to be in service when we’re in survival.

The nervous system isn’t compartmental. And, neither am I in how I work with my clients. I’ve been coaching over a decade now and I’ve discovered when we go to the root, the nervous system, ALL areas of life shift in the direction we desire.

If this resonates with you, and you’re looking for a guide to mentor you as you finally get to the absolute root of your stress patterns, I’d love to speak with you.

Please book a free consultation with me so you can get total clarity about what’s fueling the patterns that are holding you back and the action steps you need to take to change them.


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