Testimonials | Sarah Sherwood


Melissa Walters
Integrated approach brings healing

“Before working with Sarah I felt highly stressed and anxious. The only way I knew to move through it was with intense exercise. Sarah helped me unlock doors into my body, mind and soul. Her integrated approach brought validation and healing. Now I am open to each moment and able to be present in ways that I never could.”

Mary Luna
Gets to the heart of the issue

“Working with Sarah allowed me space to process the trials I had been through… and to celebrate my triumphs! Before working with Sarah I felt stuck in survival mode. She used her keen ability to get to the heart of the issue and coach me through it. Her dedicated and caring approach led to many “ah ha” moments that helped me rediscover joy in my life.”

Rupesh Chhagan
An exercise in gaining clarity

“Sarah has a remarkable presence. She is kind and wise, both stable and gentle. Our work together was an exercise in gaining clarity, finding action in times of paralysis, and having a good laugh in the middle of it all.”

Kristen Ediger
A place of peace and safety

“When my son gets upset, he likes to sit under a particular tree in our backyard. He calls it his ‘calm down tree’ and claims, ‘everybody needs one!’ I realized in our work together, Sarah is my calm down tree.”

Rachel Brown
Impressive – and lasting – results

“The results I got working with Sarah were dramatic on the outside – I lost 80 lbs. and recovered from severe postpartum depression. Even more impressive was the inner resilience she helped me develop. Four years later, I still use those tools everyday!”

Amy Sims
Healing for both body and soul

“I had been struggling with insomnia for the better part of a year. After just one visit with Sarah I experienced the deepest night’s sleep I have had in years! If you are intrigued about working with Sarah you should do it!!! Your spirit, soul, and body will thank you!”

Kristen Hughes
Felt safe and protected in my journey

“Sarah is an astute observer, healer, comforter, catalyst, and speaker of truth in a physical, emotional, and spiritual way. I felt safe and protected with her walking me through this journey.”

Kristy K.
Walking in freedom

“Sarah helped me heal the past emotional and physical trauma that was affecting my relationship with others – and myself. Now, I can walk in freedom because I’m rooted and grounded in who I am.”

Ericka Schnurr
More breakthroughs and insights than counseling

“While working with Sarah, I’ve had more breakthroughs and insights than I’ve ever experienced in any counseling I’ve done previously. She’s helped me gain understanding, wisdom and tools so I now can live my life very differently. Sarah is truly gifted at what she does and I would recommend her for anyone desiring authentic life change and healing on all levels.”