Sarah Sherwood

Resilience – inner strength involves letting go.

As a certified Life Coach and Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, Sarah Sherwood empowers you to live courageously so you can experience a meaningful life. Sarah embodies resilience, inspiring courage to move through the things you fear the most to the life you were created to live. She also helps you cultivate a deeper connection in your relationships. She will provide you with guidance and support to rebound from the feeling of being “never enough” or “always too much” so you can let go of what you’re supposed to be and embrace who you truly are.

Sarah helps you explore and identify what is holding you back, and offers practical strategies for overcoming obstacles and tools for using your mind-body-spirit connection to transform your life.


my mission

When people experience transformation with me, they fuel a flame of caring, compassionate and committed competence to withstand a lifetime. This vibrant community becomes more present in their lives’, through healing and letting go. They move out of survival; beyond a source of simple existence into a flourishing vitality. Choosing to move past their difficult experiences, and coping strategies, they reach the fullness of their potential.

They are no longer content being stuck and stressed, reacting out of fear.

They want to be fully alive – a whole person in mind, body and spirit.

But, being fully alive means examining the fragmented parts of yourself and identifying fears that are holding you back. Suddenly, when fears are resolved, there is room for new experiences. I will guide you to enter the places you fear the most and retrieve the treasure that’s been lost – your truest self. This is my mission in life.

When you learn my practical strategies for dealing with the stress in your body, and the emotions you once found overwhelming, you can rebound from life’s difficulties more quickly. You become resilient!

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Are you Ready to Become


Something I saw in myself and I see in my clients is: We are survivors.
We have overcome difficulties. We made it out alive – and have the scars to prove it!

Yet, we are more than survivors. We are overcomers.
Though, sometimes we get stuck in that old story of endurance.

I’ve embraced a different definition of resilience. I was not content to “limp along”, making the best of it.
And, I didn’t want to just be tougher, stronger or more street-smart from the hard knock life. I wanted to be strong and soft, brave and vulnerable – accepting all the parts of my story as my best life possible.

It’s essential to resist becoming jaded by life’s experiences. Shielding ourselves from fear and disappointment keeps us from living a full life. I invite my clients to hold difficult things and not be afraid of them. It’s miraculous to watch someone come out of years of bracing and open to the fullness of life.

Do you want to be more resilient? To experience being fully alive?

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