My convo with the Thriving Launch Podcast – Characteristics of Resilience

by Sarah on September 21, 2017

I loved speaking with Luis and Kamala from the Thriving Launch Podcast. In this episode, I describe the characteristics of resilience. Having the characteristics of resilience lets you live a more engaged and connected life. People who bring things in the world can feel burned out quickly, and so having the resilience to keep going and maintain productivity is crucial. 


Resiliency is about integrating difficult, disappointing, and stressful parts of our story so we can get stronger within it.

Resiliency can fuel a more engaged and connected life.

Understand who we are as a whole process which includes the five dimensions of our human energy.

In the recovery process, understand how the difficulty began to drain our energies and work to seal those energies.

Practice slowing down to regulate the nervous system which controls how you respond to stress.

The way we can increase productivity and be more present in our lives is about managing our energy.

We can create more sustainable and renewable energy when we understand how to handle it.

For the full episode, listen here

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