Why “conquering your fear” isn’t always the answer

by Sarah on December 19, 2017

Change is uncomfortable.

We like to know what to expect. And, the survival part of our brain is wired to keep us safe. The most efficient way to do that is to block us from taking risks. But, often that conflicts with what we truly want: to get unstuck, move forward in life and reach our fullest potential.

There’s something very real that keeps us locked down, stuck where we are. It’s called Fear.

All progress is uncertain. We hesitate and stay where we are instead of venturing somewhere we can’t see. All development is unfamiliar and we fear losing control.

And more than anything, we have an unconscious, but very real, fear of a loss of connection. We think, “If I change who I am and how I’m showing up in the world…If I start doing this and stop doing that…then the people around me will reject or abandon me. It’s just not worth the risk.”

Let’s be honest…we all have those stories where we stepped out into something uncertain, and got run over by a bus… or failed.. or went into debt.. or got our heart broken into a billion bits. It’s painful.

I have so many stories of the numerous limbs I’ve courageously climbed out on, only to feel the branch break beneath me as I free fall to my shocking blow. [OUCH!]

Conquering our fear by grabbing it by the throat and punching it in the gut, as we elbow our way past it, can dismiss and ignore our humanity.

Sometimes this is required of us, but oftentimes it just recycles our fear. And recycled, overridden fear can turn into paralyzing uneasiness and doubt. We can’t shove it down and hold it down without it bubbling up in unwanted ways.

Here’s what’s tricky: sometimes we need to go “Nike” on our fear and just do it! But, the problem comes in when we live on either extreme – always being mastered by our fear OR always overriding our feelings and pushing through. Both are costing us our health and happiness. And, believe it or not, both are keeping us stuck.

There is a 3rd option.

I teach my clients a new and different way to move through the threshold of fear. I offer them practical tools to regulate their fear and cultivate courage to move forward in the face of it. Not by wrestling it to the ground, nor by pretending like it isn’t there. When they learn how to do this they command their fear instead of it controlling them.

If this resonates with you, and you’re ready to move beyond your fear, I’d love to speak with you. I have set aside some time to talk to you about how you can learn how to cultivate this kind of courage. And, I’m offering my time FREE OF CHARGE. On the call, I’ll help you get total clarity about what’s fueling the fear patterns that are holding you back and the action steps you need to take to change them.

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