My chat with Jeff Agostinelli from the Next Level podcast: How to Be More Resilient

by Sarah on January 22, 2018

I enjoyed speaking with Jeff Agostinelli from the Next Level Podcast. He’s super cool and I love the work he’s up to. We often see resilience as a hard skill… something that we gain when we go through challenges that toughen us up. In this episode, I get to share my perspective on how resilience can actually have a softer quality. As a result, we integrate the most horrific, embarrassing, shame-filled, disappointing experiences into our story in a way that strengthens us, but doesn’t make us hard.

I also share a relevant quote in my best Yoda impersonation!

In this episode you’ll learn

  • Ways to reframe your thoughts so you avoid feeling unnecessary shame
  • Strategies to remove negative feelings by rewiring your patterned thoughts and beliefs
  • How to gain self control and change your outcomes by learning to tolerate uncomfortable emotions
  • Ways to find your North Star when life seems off-center
  • How to identify and stop negative emotions before they rise up and overtake you
  • Why it’s important to hold emotional space for others without always trying to fix their problems
  • How to view your challenges and obstacles as forces working for your higher good
  • Strategies to develop more emotional resiliency in your children
  • How to take control of your nervous system and avoid the victim mentality
  • Ways to become a kinder, softer, and more compassionate human being
  • How to stand tall when life deals you a heavy blow

For the full episode, LISTEN here


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