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Changing Your Patterns: The Pause & Pivot Method

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clients joke and say, “sarah is a one-stop shop!”
I’m like having your very own whole self interdisciplinary team!

I have developed a uniquely integrated approach that facilitates action and value-based being, all in a safe,
open environment of compassionate and courageous self-discovery. The goals and action steps created here lead people toward the life they truly want, in their health, business, relationships and personal experiences.

People also acknowledge more intangible results such as, increased awareness, greater resilience, deepened compassion toward themselves and others, and heightened satisfaction from living a more meaningful life.

I would love to work with you! And, there are plenty of ways to work together. Check out the options, and then
contact me to get started on your personal process of integration, increased resilience and courageous living.



Mentorships & Intensives!

Designed to Remove Obstacles and Increase Resilience

Restore Resilience. Cultivate Community. Impact your World

Integrate to Live is a 12-month coaching and mentorship program. This process is my highest level support, guidance and accountability. Click on the white box to the right to learn all about it.

Here’s a brief overview:

The first module of the program is about resiliency – learning how to increase your capacity to be with the joys and pains of life.

The second module of the program is about relationship – learning how to cultivate courage and allow your patterns of relating to become healthier. We all desire to be seen and known as well as loved, unconditionally.

The last module of the program is about integration – discovering how we take this experience and impact the world. If you’ve tried other methods, without success, this program is for you.


Guiding you to live courageously so you can experience a meaningful life

Do you lie awake at night, staring at the ceiling, feeling trapped with no way off the hamster wheel? Is there a constant weight on your shoulders and pressure on your chest? Does your mind race, preventing you from engaging in relationships and focusing on work?

Whether you’re a business owner, in the field of professional services or have been an entrepreneur for decades, it’s tough breaking the pattern of over-doing that leads to exhaustion.

Most of us have it all wrong when it comes to minimizing overwhelm and maximizing productivity. Not just in work, but in health and relationships, as well. The way to gain traction is by managing your ENERGY, not your time.

Imagine how amazing it would feel to have more energy so you can stay engaged and motivated throughout the day…

Enabling you to match your mindset with your ambition and bust through obstacles of procrastination, self-sabotage and paralyzing fear…

While eliminating burnout and fatigue so you can live the life you dream of, but always seems out of reach…

With a body that works for you, not against you, when no longer fueled by stress…

Discover the secret weapon you already have inside that you don’t have to download, purchase or subscribe to, in order to increase your presence, productivity and potential.

If you want to check out how I can help you do this, watch this free masterclass where I share all the details.


If the training resonates with you, let’s book a free call to explore how I can help you break free from the stress cycle. The purpose of this call is to get clear on what you’re struggling with and if you want my help, and we both determine it’s a good fit, I may invite you to become one of the new members to join my 10-Week Masterclass Intensive this month.


Show Up | Be Seen | Live Brave

Join me for The Daring Way™, an 8-week* in-person course based on the research of Brené Brown. This experience brings critical awareness and practical tools to help you move through the feeling of being “never enough” or “always too much” into more authenticity as you gain the courage to show up, be seen and live brave. Sharing our stories, within a safe group of women and men, we’ll let go of what we’re supposed to be and embrace who we truly are.

*May also be experienced in a 3-day intensive

Core elements of the course include:

  • Increasing Shame-Resilience by practicing critical awareness, recognizing shame and its triggers, reaching out and speaking shame
  • Learning and practicing the five Attributes of Empathy
  • Discovering the difference between guilt and shame
  • Debunking the myths of vulnerability • Embracing compassion, courage and connection
  • Accessing the power of owning our stories
  • Recognizing that vulnerability is our most accurate measure of courage

I speak for a variety of audiences, including businesses, schools, conferences, churches, and nonprofit organizations. My speaking topics vary, so let’s connect and have a conversation.